Miscellaneous Guides

The video tutorials in this section doesn't fit in under "Complete beginners guide" or "track making". So what you find here is a little bit of everything.

How to setup and run a server

Many people wonder how you setup and maintain a server, this video goes through it with the most basic stuff.

How to get the editor

Ever wanted to make a track? Getting the in-game editor is the first step on the way.

Stock tracks tips 'n tricks

If you're new to the game or have any questions about some lines on the stock tracks, you may find the answer here.

How to hide the HUD and "paused"

Just a quick guide on how to hide the things you may not want when recording a video.

Save & Load setups

How you can save your setups to load them later whenever you want or to create backups.

Show and hide "FPS" and "Time" ingame

Really easy to do just using 2 commands.

How to port forward

This is the tricky part of running a server. Your interface router will probably different, but the settings can at least be watched here.

Change preferred startgate online

Quick guide on how to start on a specified startgate instead of the one you're given.