Useful links

Mx Simulator official webpage

This is the link to the official Mx Simulator homepage. You can buy the game here, test the demo or join the community.

TM Factory racing

TM Factory Racing is an amazing and organized portal with almost everything. It contains links to tracks, skins, bikes and templates. Pretty much anything can be found here.


EMF stands for European MxSim Federation. This organisation hosts races, both official championships and funraces.


RaceFactoryGaming often shortened as rF. This organisation is similar to EMF except that EMF covers Europe and rF America.


PureMXS is a webpage where you can upload your own created Mx Simulator content. PureMXS used to be a primeire site a few years back, but has on later years become less active by famous users.

FlowtechMXS's help

Flowtech MXS is an organisation that does a lot of things. They host races, creates content as well as running a help-webpage which the heading-link leads to.

MX Gaming Hub

MX Gaming Hub is a new site trying to make it's way into the gaming market with focus on MX games. All games are welcome. Things such as articles, videos and other snippets of information can be found here.

Offcamber Digital

Offcamber digital is one of the only sites that has news for Mx Simulator. Things from points standings, predictions and interviews can be found on the website.