Complete Beginners Guide

The complete beginners guide will walk you through the basic parts of the game such as installing, importing custom tracks, bikes and skins as well as updating the game.

Part 1 - Installing the game

In part 1 we will take a look at how to install the game. It is pretty much straight forward.

Part 2 - Basic folder, file and in-game knowledge

In this part you will learn about basic file and folders. What they do and are for. Also there will be instructions for the basic settings in-game.

Part 3 - Customize controls and start riding

This part will explain the basic controls as well as how to set them. Ater that we'll look into some basic riding.

Part 4 - Tips on riding

You'll recieve some basic tips on riding technique.

Part 5 - Downloading and installing tracks, models and skins

Here you will learn how to correctly put in tracks, skins, bikes and gears into the game. First off download the preferred skin/track. Than, if needed, extract the file to lastly move the folder/file into the correct location.

Part 6 - Online Racing/Multiplayer

For those who wants to get involved in the online racing, this is how to get you started.

Part 7 - Playback a race

How to replay your races, in case you want to do some filming or examination.

Part 8 - Commands

These commands shown in the video is the most fundamental and needed commans you will use throughout the game.

Part 9 - Updating the game

Every once in a while a new update is released. This is how to install the latest update.